Hello, I'm Amy

Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a co-owner here at The Art of Decluttering and I look after our Melbourne clients.
I’ve been a Professional Organiser since 2014 and before professional organising, I ran an online party supply business and worked as an office manager and executive assistant.

I’ve always been pretty organised. What I found overwhelming was trying to maintain and keep organised things that were actually just unnecessary clutter: childhood collections, kids toys, books, even excess furniture… it was all kept and organised ‘just in case’ I needed it one day. When I discovered the concept of minimalism I was motivated to clear the clutter and stop the constant tidying up. As I worked on her mindset about my possessions I gained freedom. Less stuff to organise means more time for the important things in life.

I can’t put into words how much I love working with our clients to achieve freedom from clutter. Seeing our growing team of Professional Organisers also serving clients each and every day is amazing. I love working on big jobs, managing a team of organisers so we can help you achieve a decluttered home with the maximum efficiency.

I’m Mum to two boys, Jesse & Elijah and married to my best friend Cal.
If you’re ready to transform your home, I would LOVE to help you – get in touch and let’s chat!

Client Feedback for Amy

I have decluttered stuff that I don't need

The Art of Decluttering introduced me to Amy and with her help I have decluttered and chucked a heap of stuff that I don't need

Emma B - Kensington

Breath of Fresh Air

I have used other professional decluttering and organising services and have been left with chaos and stress.
I have Multiple Sclerosis with extreme fatigue , pain and at times cognition issues . Working with Amy has been a breath of fresh air-professional, friendly, going at my pace, non-judgemental and not pushy, a great organised working system and very knowledgeable regarding recycling /donating etc.
This is my path to freedom. Thanks Amy

Marcelle C - North Warrandyte

Supportive & Non Judgemental

Amy has worked with me in a supportive, non-judgemental way to clear my home, ready to move interstate. 100 bags of stuff that I didn't need to pay to move has gone to recycle and waste. I am loving my clear shelves and the brain space of having a fresh home.

Therese G - Brunswick East

Feeling lighter and so happy

I had a nightmare 'hoarder room' that I could barely get into and Amy helped me to transform it into a practical, useful space by helping me get prioritise what was important to keep and what I needed to let go of....hint, years and years of stuff. Amy made the whole process a pleasure and the results have left me feeling lighter and so happy. I can't stop looking at it 😂

Lisa W - Kew

Absolutely Incredible!

Amy and Jacqui have been absolutely amazing in helping me sort and declutter two decades of accumulated detritus! I've been looking at my cupboards and shelves for years telling myself that I really need to sort that out one of these days... and it just never happened. The longer I left it, the harder it was to even consider trying to sort it all out.
Amy and Jacqui have been absolutely incredible! In only 4 sessions I've been able to go through my whole house and all of my belongings!! Everything has a home and I've consolidated my belongings to keep the things I'm still using and either donating or disposing of all the hidden things I've had sitting around for 6 or 7 years (or much more in some cases!).
I truly couldn't have gone through everything I own without their help and support. Not just the physical going through and emptying of things, but the emotional and stressful toll of doing this kind of thing is something I just couldn't face and without their help and support I'm sure I'd still have things piling up until I need to move house again.
Thank you Amy and Jacqui - I can't believe the difference you've made. My house feels like a friendly and safe space for the first time since moving in almost 7 years ago! I can't thank you enough. 🙏🧘🏅❤️

Dave P - Mount Waverley

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