12 Days of Christmas Declutter Challenge

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12 Days

We’re here to help you Clear the Clutter!

Making space is such a great practice before the silly season really ramps up. It’s amazing the freedom that comes when you take the time to intentionally declutter your home.

Christmas time can be crazy busy and overwhelming and so this challenge is designed to put you back in the drivers seat, back in control and taking positive steps towards your decluttered home.

The first 12 days of December are prime decluttering days on your calendar

Once the calendar clicks over to December we often brace ourselves for the events, parties, shopping, family engagements and carol invitations that flood our inboxes. Add to that wrapping up the year at work, school and childcare which can throw your schedule out of whack.

It can seem overwhelming with how much fits into your calendar and it seems that every event (especially Christmas day!) bring with it additional possessions, gifts and items that enter your home. Where are all these new items going to go? How is your child possibly going to find room for one more toy? Is your playroom/ office/ garage going to explode with clutter? Our answer is “No! It doesn’t need to!”

What You Get

Daily videos and blogs with a declutter challenge for each day. If you’re a high achiever we have a bonus challenge every day too!

We want your Christmas to not only be decluttered, but organised. Enjoy our BONUS Christmas hack and top tip video each day.

Easy access to our 5 Christmas specific podcast episodes. Hours of decluttering and organising content to listen to.

How It Works

Enjoy our daily videos and blogs that will help you declutter and get organised for Christmas. We tackle areas that can make a big difference in just 5-10 minutes each day.

Jump in and share in The Art of Decluttering Community how you’re going with your declutter challenge and be inspired and encouraged as you pair down your possessions before Christmas.

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