005 | Fridge

Have you ever given much thought to how you organise your fridge? What containers go where and which food types are stored in which compartments.

Fridges can be a breeding ground for mould and spoilt food if not properly cleaned and kept organised. An organised fridge can both save you money at the supermarket and reduce the wasted food you throw out.

From their years of experience, Kirsty & Amy share their experiences around decluttering and organising your fridge.

SHOWNOTES: (here are any links we chatted about during this podcast)

Tupperware Fridge Clear Mates: https://www.tupperware.com.au/products/7740/ClearMatesMegaSet

Tupperware Vent Smart: https://www.tupperware.com.au/products/13727/VentSmart%E2%84%A2MegaSet

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