047 | Baby Supplies

This week we chat about Baby Supplies! We give you tips on what you need to get when you are having a baby and how to store items, inbetween children. We reminisce those early years of parenthood, you’ll hear about Kirsty’s favourite purchase as a new mum and how Amy didn’t buy anything 🙂 We rant a bit about the influence that social media has on our perceptions of parenthood and chat about minimalism with babies. We hope you laugh along with us and learn a tip or two to help you create your new life with your precious new life and how and what to store in between kids. Big shout out to Katrina Borg for the topic idea!

Mentioned in the podcast:

Finnish Baby Box www.bbc.com/news/magazine-22751415

Pure Prams www.facebook.com/pureprams

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