055 | Death

This week we chat about Decluttering after losing a loved one. This is an awesome episode however we wanted to give a trigger warning for those of you who this episode might hit close to home. We have an amazing guest in the studio today, Mandy, who lost her husband, both parents and both step-parents all within a few years of each other whilst juggling early motherhood! She shares some fantastic tips on how to honour your loved ones without holding onto everything and also how to deal lovingly with step families. It was such an honour to have Mandy in the studio sharing her heart with us for you listeners. We would love for you to come over to our Facebook page or our Instagram page where you can share your tips and grief of losing a loved one or learn more for when you might have to farewell someone.

Today’s show was sponsored by Keepsakes by Nicoleta and music for her ad was supplied by http://www.purple-planet.com

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