091 | Can I declutter too much?

This week we answer a question we were asked by Jarred, can you declutter too much? Our answer is no, but perhaps yes! We do talk briefly about obsessive behaviours and that people can get the bug for decluttering and can possibly remove things that they regret. However in our professional experience we find the opposite is more the case. We often find that people can’t remember what they have in boxes and we discover long lost loved items. The power of decluttering is that you will find things that you thought was lost and you will find things that you hadn’t remembered you had and know you no longer need. We also ask if you can declutter too slowly or too quickly? We believe intentionality and wisdom are key in all things decluttering. Sometimes we even have to slow our clients down! Our heart for you to work on your habits and mindsets to stop the yo-yo dieting effect of splurging and then decluttering. As always we hope you have a giggle with us and enjoy the conversation!

This weeks topic was requested by Jarred from www.four4ty.com.au . Our iTunes review this week was from Closet Cleaning, thanks!

Things we chatted about:

Episode 55: Death

Episode 48: Sentimental items


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