107 | Repetitive Clutter

This week we get passionate about repetitive clutter, you know those spaces you’ve decluttered but for some reason, it is groundhog day!

In this episode we talk about the four major issues that contribute to clutter reappearing:

● You might have too much – it’s a quantity problem

● You might not have a suitable way to keep things – it’s a storage problem

● You have systems but you’re not sticking with it – it’s a habit problem

● You actively chose to ignore the problem – it’s a vision problem

● And so much more…

We hope the conversation inspires you to make a small change and puts a smile on your face!


Things mentioned in this episode:

● Our Online Course: https://artofdecluttering.com.au/course/

● Episode 102 | Junk Room : https://artofdecluttering.com.au/102-junk-room/

● Episode 64 | Hidden Clutter : https://artofdecluttering.com.au/064-hidden-clutter/

● Episode 83 | We aren’t but we do : https://artofdecluttering.com.au/083-were-not-but-we-do

● Thank you Kt Day for your Apple Podcast review and Megan Borgelt for the topic suggestion!


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