111 | Big Books

This week we have a conversation around big books, think reference books, text books, recipe books, encyclopaedias, dictionary etc.

In this episode we:

● Challenge you to critically assess whether you need to keep outdated reference books;

● Encourage you to use other mediums to access the same information;

● Give you some tips for how you can keep just part of the information contained in the books;

● Get you to think about where you can store the books if you do decide to keep them;

● And so much more…

We hope the conversation inspires you to make a small change and puts a smile on your face!


Things mentioned in this episode:

● Episode 020 | Books & Magazines

● Episode 021 | Kids books

● Museums to contact to see if they could use your old big books:



● Thank you Heather Hoffman for the episode request and Nati Balla from the US for your Apple Podcast review.


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