115 | Offloading

This week we have a conversation about what to do when you’ve been given things you just don’t love or have space for, aka; offloading

In this episode we:

● Challenge you be thoughtful about what you bring into your home as one day it has to leave your home too;

● Encourage you to do the deep work to untangle yourself from obligation;

● Give you some tips for how to approach people when you want to sell or give away items that were given to you by others;

● Get you to think about why we are so attached to free stuff;

● And so much more…

We hope the conversation inspires you to make a small change and puts a smile on your face!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

● Episode 066 | Adult Children

● Episode 108 | Women Against Waste

● Thank you Susan Pinkerton for the episode request, Yvette O’Dowd for your Patreon support and Shellyk25 for the Apple podcast review.

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