Behind Cupboard Doors


Today’s episode has been inspired by our amazing Facebook Community. A request came in asking us to talk about when at first glance your house looks tidy and organised but when you start opening up the cupboards you’re hit by a tidal wave of stuff. Get ready for loads of tips, tricks and advice about why this happens and how to do something about it. So what’s behind your cupboard doors?

AIso – our 4 Year Podversary!!! Thank you to all of our amazing listeners who have tuned in (and continued to do so!) over the last 4 years – we couldn’t have done it without you!! Come over to our Facebook Community and share with us when you started listening.

In this episode we:

● Tell you how we think cupboards get chaotic and disorganised ;

● Share how to start organising your cupboards and how to stop them becoming cluttered again;

● Highlight cupboards are like opaque boxes – out of sight out of mind!;

● Remind you how to declutter;

● Encourage you to use clear containers and to label everything;

● Debut Amy’s new YES button;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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Special thanks to byhisgrace92 for your review!!

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