Inherited Clutter

**trigger warning** – things mentioned into day’s episode such as death, road accidents and divorce may be triggering for some listeners**

And the amazing guests just keep on coming! Get ready to meet Ruth. Ruth is a treasured member of our community, she belongs to our Head, Heart & Home Course and moderates it’s Facebook group. You’ll also see her around our regular Facebook Community being her encouraging self and now you get to hear her on the podcast! She has two older children; one with diagnosed hoarding disorder and both who are very sentimentally attached to things, especially when they have been inherited from deceased estates of family members. This episode is jam packed with insight, wisdom and so many practical takeaways and tips. So go get comfy and enjoy all the gems that the wonderful Ruth has to share with us!

In this episode:

● Ruth tells us a little bit about herself and her background and how it has influenced her decluttering journey;

● Ruth gives some insight into decluttering with children dealing with attachment to sentimental items and hoarding disorder;

● Ruth hares some of her experience of inheriting many, many things from family members who have passed;

● We encourage you to examine and question your reasoning for keeping personal or sensitive information;

● Ruth shares her way of hacking time and how it’s helped her decluttering;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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● Book – 9 Things You Simply Must Do by Henry Cloud

Thank you to Camilla for your podcast review! We love love love reading your reviews and it helps others to find us as well. Special mention to the person who left us a 1 star review – thanks for the laughs!

An extra special thanks to Ruth, thank you for giving us your time – we really appreciate all you do for our community – we think you’re just wonderful!

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