It’s so great when you are riding that wave of momentum but what do you do when you get stuck?!

Today we dig into how momentum can really work in your favour when decluttering. We also spend a bit of time focusing on what to do when you run out of steam or feel that your momentum may have taken you in the wrong direction.

Oh and don’t worry we cover what to do when you just can’t get started!

This episode is jam packed with all the tips and advice you could image to get you moving towards your decluttering goals again.

In this episode we;

● Define momentum;

● Tell you why we think momentum is important and how it relates to decluttering;

● Emphasise that momentum builds, it doesn’t just happen;

● Discuss what happens when you run out of steam;

● Highlight that hitting a brick wall can help you reassess and/or course correct;

● Give tips on how to help build momentum and get started after hitting a wall;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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