Sentimental Partners

Today we tackle one of the big decluttering hurdles – sentimentality.

What happens when you live with someone who has a different level of sentimentality?

We received and email this week from the lovely Tarren requesting tips and tricks for getting her very sentimental husband on board with the decluttering journey. So get ready Tarren and listeners we have filled this episode with practical tips and advice on how to navigate through the memories and sentimentality that can get brought up when you are decluttering.

Whether you are the sentimental one or it’s your kids, parents, friend or partner, we hope that in Amy’s words we can show you there is nothing wrong with being sentimental, we just want to help you find the freedom within it!

In this episode we;

● Discuss how sentimental each person in the Farrugia and Revel Families are;

● Highlight that a person might not be sentimental about everything thing but in fact just one particular area;

● Offer advice to Tarren and suggest great questions to ask to dig a little deeper;

● Share how to set up limits and systems for those sentimental items you are intentionally keeping;

● Remind you that memories aren’t in the item and suggest some ways you can keep the memories alive and let go of the clutter;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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