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We know from experience personally and with clients how stressful moving house can be.

The process of moving house begins long before the moving truck arrives and isn’t finished until the last box has been unpacked and you’ve settled into your new home.

Whether you’re moving with kids, moving out of home for the first time, moving interstate or downsizing we know that being organised, decluttering and having a plan can make the whole process flow easier.

What We Provide


Our clients report saving both money and time when working with us, and often when selling their home, exceed their expected sale price. More time, more money and less clutter... that's great value!


Before you list your house for sale it's critical to declutter. Decluttering before you sell will save you money on moving costs/ storage costs as well as attract more buyers to your beautifully clutter free home.


Imagine how amazing it feels to be completely unpacked and set up within days of moving house! We help you unpack and set up systems so you can start enjoying your new home straight away.


As Professional Organisers we often help people in personal spaces like bedrooms, financial paperwork and personal items. Our team respect your privacy and handle all client information with the utmost of confidentiality.

The Art of Decluttering is an amazing team of Decluttering and Organising Experts who are passionate about helping you experience freedom from clutter.

Living Room

Successfully Moving House


Decluttering, packing, moving and unpacking can feel overwhelming. We can support you throughout the process to alleviate stress and worry and help you feel excited about your new home.


We help you sort through every single item (yes really!) in the room / space and together decide if it aligns with your vision for your new home or if it needs to be let go. Each item is categorised using our 5 step decluttering process.


In your new home, we help create homes for everything and ensure the layout, space and functionality matches your vision.


We help you establish systems, processes and routines so you can enjoy your beautiful decluttered home and spend time doing the things you love!

When you book a session with us, we’re with you every step of the way with:

  • Practical hands-on assistance
  • Encouragement, guidance and motivation
  • A shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, your own personal cheer squad
  • Training in establishing routines, systems and processes
  • We can take your donations to charity for you (whatever will fit in our car)

Everyone and every home is unique, so as much as we would love to tell you in advance exactly how much of your house/ space we will be able to declutter and organise in each session, much of that is dependant on you. The amount of ‘stuff’ people have is different as well as the pace you're comfortable working. It also depends on your goals for the session; Are we helping you declutter for putting your home on the market? Are we helping you decide what is coming with you to your next home? Are we helping you declutter and pack for your move? Or are we helping you declutter now because you are already in your new home? Generally, in our experience, it takes 1-2 sessions to declutter and pack or organise one room/ space.

Virtual Session
Bedroom Decluttering - Before you bring out any rubbish bags or donations boxes, sit down and think about what you have.
1 hour
Fully personalised coaching to help you declutter and move into your new home
Available worldwide
Get advice from the comfort of your own home
Declutter and organise in real time with us on video
Create a plan you can implement at your own pace
Get Started
Single Blitz
4 hours with a Professional Organiser
Helping you to declutter and curate what items to take with you that will make your new house feel like home
Patient and non-judgemental coaching and expert hands on assistance
Help to navigate the overwhelm and create dedicated time to achieve this move
Fast track getting your house on the market and getting you into your new home
Create organised flow throughout your new home
Book as many sessions as you need, most people start with 3 sessions
Weekends or longer hours available upon request
We can take your donations to charity for you
Get Started
Double Blitz
It’s really important where possible to include children in the decluttering process
4 hours with Two Professional Organisers
Helping you to declutter and curate what items to take with you that will make your new house feel like home
Patient and non-judgemental coaching and expert hands on assistance
Help to navigate the overwhelm and create dedicated time to achieve this move
Fast track getting your house on the market and getting you into your new home with two expert declutter coaches by your side
Create organised flow throughout your new home
Book as many sessions as you need, most people start with 3 sessions
Weekends or longer hours available upon request
We can take your donations to charity for you
Get Started

Step By Step How To Book

  1. Fill in our contact form below, or call Amy to make an enquiry. 
  2. Together we'll discuss your needs and book the right organiser to help you.
  3. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to declutter and prepare for moving homes.

We’d love to work with you!

If you're interested in talking further or booking a declutter session
please leave us your details in the contact form or call Amy directly on 0438 659 658

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a session look like?

Our first session with you will start with a chat about your goals for the session and getting to know you so we are better equipped to serve you well. We will then get started helping you to curate the possessions that are coming with you into your new home. How we do this will depend on your goals for the session. Are we there to help you declutter for the sale of your home? Are we there to help you decide what furniture and possessions are coming with you into your next home? Are you having to do a double move, where you move out of your family home and in with family or renting until your next home is ready? Are we helping you pack? Are we helping you unpack and organise your new home? No matter what, we are here to support you both physically and emotionally throughout the  whole moving process so you can relax knowing we will help guide you through it.

Do I need to do the work with you?

Yes! It is important that you are present within the home and available to make decisions with us as we never make decisions on your behalf about what is to stay and what is to be removed from your space. We are also there to help and coach you through any difficult decisions.

 We take your capacity into consideration in all sessions and it’s totally fine if you need to sit the whole time or take a coffee/snack break. In a typical 4 hour session we make sure we all have a quick 5-10 minute lunch break so we can all have the energy to complete the session.  

Do you take away donations?

Yes, we can take away as much as will fit into our cars and we will take the donations to a charity shop on your behalf. 

We deliver to many charity shops around Australia and we know what they will take and what they will not take. If you would like your things to go to specific places, you will need to do that delivery yourself, unless it is convenient for our staff to do it on your behalf.

If you have more donations than fit in our car, we can help you book a donation pick up or help you fill your car also if you are able to do a donation drop off yourself.

What do I do with all the rubbish?

Normal household rubbish is placed in your bins. For larger amounts of rubbish, we work with a company called 1800 Got Junk in our major cities and in regional areas use local rubbish removal companies.

1800 Got Junk are familiar with The Art of Decluttering and will often offer our clients an additional discount if you mention us when you book. The best thing about them is that they pack the truck for us which means our time is not taken away from working with you. They will also take it straight away so you don’t have to look at it anymore or deal with it at a later date.

You can also organise a skip bin to be on site for our session, this is especially helpful if you are booking several sessions in a week or are continuing decluttering after we finish our session with you.

What happens if I'm not up to having the session when you arrive?

Our team is really gentle and understanding and able to handle whatever state you’re in when you open the door.

Our team is very experienced in gauging situations and reading the room. Sometimes when you open the door you might feel exhausted and anxious so rather than racing into decluttering straight away, we want you to feel comfortable. We are there to serve you so if you need 10 mins at the start of a session to have a cup of tea etc then that’s totally fine with us.

Sometimes we do have the case when we turn up and someone says “I’m not up to it today.” In these situations, we have a few strategies that we use. Rather than say ok and walk away, and charge the full cancellation fee, we will ask you if you could do just 10 minutes together. Or are there any items we could take as donations? Are there some easy wins we could do?

We will often provide alternatives, maybe offering a shorter session. We might say, “What if we just try for half an hour/half a session?” because once we start together, more often than not people will start to engage and say “Let’s keep going, I’m feeling good now.” But we never push; there is always freedom. So if we turn up and someone truly can’t do the session, we fully acknowledge that and it’s accounted for in our cancellation policy and service agreement.

How does invoicing work?

Upon booking your session we require a deposit of $150, our preference is to process this over the phone, however our accounts team can issue an invoice if you prefer.

Session costs are $150 per hour, and invoices are sent upon completion of each session with 7 days terms of payment. Your deposit will be credited to your first session with us.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is 2 business days. Any cancellations made with less than 2 business days notice incurs a full session cancellation fee.

For example: if you have a session booked for a Thursday, as long as you let us know before the session time on Tuesday (say 10am), there is no cancellation fee at all. However, if there is anything less than two business days, the full cancellation fee is invoiced.

Podcast episodes that might interest you

We are passionate about providing tools and resources to help you move house, our ebook 7 Secrets to Moving House without the Overwhelm is a great place to start. We’ve also put some of our podcast episodes below that relate to moving house too.

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