Digital Decluttering Podcast Episodes and Articles

Technological Replacement

There’s no doubt the digital revolution has changed we way we store, keep and access information in our homes. If you think about […]

Digital Photos

What’s your number? 9,000… 90,000? How many digital photos to you have on your phone? Do you have them backed up? Are they […]


Todays episode excludes NOBODY… because we ALL have an old device, old cords, chargers, adapters etc hanging around that either we are too […]

Gift Cards & Vouchers

If you had to take a guess… how many gift cards or vouchers do you currently have that are yet to be redeemed? […]

To Do Lists

To do lists…Do you love them or do you hate them?! We cover all the things today, how they can be helpful, do […]

Paperwork Course

 Today’s episode is special – we are bringing to you the much anticipated Paperwork Course!! Hooray! We have been working hard on […]

Business & Loyalty Cards

 This week we chat about business and loyalty cards and how we do (or do not) organised them. In this episode we; […]

Cords & Cables

This week we have a conversation around decluttering and organising your cords and cables! In this episode we: Challenge you to stop procrastinating […]

Social Media

This week we chat about the Social Media, perfect thing to declutter after last week’s episode on the Mental Load! Does the thought […]


Do you still have a VHS player? Do you have loads of DVD’s that you no longer watch? Have you got Netflix or […]

Digital Life

Do you feel overwhelmed by your technology? Are you like Amy who deals with her email asap and only has it on her […]

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