Kids Decluttering Podcast Episodes and Articles

Toys 101

 How is the toy situation in your home? Do you feel like it’s a never-ending game of tidying up? It doesn’t need […]


 Ever been struck by the complete opulence of consumerism? Like smacked in the face by it to the point where it makes […]

Iron Anniversary

This week marks 6 years of The Art of Decluttering podcast!! To celebrate we use the traditional gift of iron (the metal, not […]

Organising With Pre-Schoolers

Do you sometimes pick up your kids from childcare or kinder and wonder how the educators managed to get 32 three year olds […]

Engaged or Entertained

 A bit of a philosophical episode today – when we purchase things are they for our engagement or our entertainment? How can […]

Three Times A Day

Remembering to do ANYTHING 3 times a day is a huge effort, requiring mental load that frankly, most of us don’t have. And […]

Extra Curricular Activities

With the school year starting in Australia and extra curricular activities returning you may be starting to feel overwhelmed with all the running […]

School Books & Lockers

Hand up if you’ve discovered long lost library books or school readers under a child’s bed years after they bought them home and […]

Lunch Boxes

Did you like me, put yourself under enormous pressure to find the ‘perfect’ lunch box for your kids when they first started school? […]

Drink Bottles

If you had to take a guess at home many drink bottles were rattling around your house, how many would you guess? 10? […]

School Uniforms

School uniforms – love them or hate them, if your kids go to a school that has a uniform, the start of each […]

School Bags

If you dare… it’s that time of the year when you pull the kids school bags from under their beds and discover if […]

Bikes & Scooters

Today be challenged and inspired to declutter any unused bikes and scooters that you or your kids have lying around. Instead of having […]

Mr Monkeyjocks

Who doesn’t love Bluey!? If you don’t know what we are talking about we’ll try to bring you up to speed. This Aussie […]

Return to School

 With NSW out of lockdown (and Victoria not far behind – we hope!) restrictions are easing for many and the kids are […]

Kids Outsourcing

Are you wondering how to keep the kids busy, fight the boredom AND remove some things from the metal load you carry for […]

The Kids Show

This is our new mini series to help us all during the Covid-19 season. We hope it helps to serve and support you. […]

Lego 2

This is our new mini series to help us all during the Covid-19 season. We hope it helps to serve and support you. […]

From Teacher to Organiser

This week we chat to Jac and glean her wisdom of someone who has gone from being Amy’s sons teacher to being one […]

Twin Life with Mandy Hose

This week we chat to Mandy Hose from Too Peas in A Podcast about being a Mum of twins and the impact that […]

Games and Puzzles

This is our new mini series to help us all during the Covid-19 season. We hope it helps to serve and support you. […]

Back to School

 This week we chat about having the kids go back or start school here in Australia: Encourage you to think the different […]

Board Games & Puzzles

This week we get passionate about board games and puzzles! In this episode we: Challenge you to declutter this area of your home […]


This week we chat about the joy of LEGO! We talk about ways of decluttering it, from selling it to donating it and […]


This week we chat with about decluttering your teenagers 😉 No, we chat about helping teenagers and parents learn to declutter and stay […]

Our Kids

This week we chat with our kids, Jesse & Elijah Revell and Oliver & Amelie Farrugia! We each quizzed our own kids and […]


This week we chat to Narelle and absolute amazing woman who homeschools 5 out of her 6 kids (#6 is too young still) […]

Adult Children

This week we chat about Adult children! Adult children that still live at home, adult children that have moved out of home and […]


This episode is dedicated to all the great teachers in the world. Teaching is a calling and we’re so grateful for the teachers […]


Are you living with a Toddler? Are you overwhelmed by all the toys and paraphernalia that comes with parenting a Toddler? We totally […]

Baby Supplies

This week we chat about Baby Supplies! We give you tips on what you need to get when you are having a baby and how […]

Minimalist Kids Parties

This week we are talking about Kids parties- Minimalist Style! We give you tips on how to create parties on a budget, create […]

Dress Ups

This week we are talking about Dress Ups, kids and adults (yes we go there but it’s still kid friendly listening!) We give […]

Dance Costumes

Do you feel overwhelmed by your kids Dancing costumes? Are you new to the world of dancing or an old hand? Have your […]

Kids Bedrooms

Are your kids bedrooms neat and tidy most of the time or do they regularly look like a bomb has gone off in […]

School Start

Are you counting down the sleeps until the kids go back to school or has it been the best holiday break ever for […]

Kids Books

Do you love reading books to your kids? Do your kids love reading or being read to? We chat lots of about how […]

Kids’ Artwork and School Work

Does it seem like your children bring home art work every day? Do you end up with a huge pile of artwork at the […]

Childrens’ Toys

Are your kids toys causing stress in your family? Are they spread across multiple rooms and all over the floor? Whether your children are […]

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