Living Spaces Decluttering Podcast Episodes and Articles

Living Room 101

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is the heart beat… I’ve found over the years that the […]

Room to Bloom

Do you need to declutter a space or room in your house so that an area in your life can bloom? Do you […]


Zones are super handy. They are particularly useful when dealing with multipurpose areas such as a rumpus room or garage. Everyone has a unique […]

Item or Space?

 We love using binary decisions as a tool when you have so many decisions to make. One in particular that we wanted […]

Behind Cupboard Doors

Today’s episode has been inspired by our amazing Facebook Community. A request came in asking us to talk about when at first glance […]

Like With Like

Yay it’s podcast day! Today we are discussing ‘like with like’ – why it’s important and why it’s such a helpful strategy when […]


This week we were inspired to chat about artwork thanks to a post in our Facebook community started by Robyn Christie! In this […]

Cleaning & Homeschooling

This week we chat to another one of Kirsty’s clients, Lois North! Lois is a wife, mum of 4 adult kids, cleaner and […]

Repurposing Spaces

This week we chat about repurposing spaces and rooms for what you actually need rather than being frustrated by the lack of function […]

Your Forever Home

This week we chat to the incredible Frances Cosway from White Pebbles Interior about designing and creating clever and functional spaces in our […]


This is our new mini series to help us all during the Covid-19 season. We hope it helps to serve and support you. […]

Command Centre

This week we chat about having all your family admin paperwork and tasks in one place, the Command Centre: In this episode we; […]

Photo Organising

This week we chat to Chantal Imbach from Photos In Order about how to declutter and organise your photos. In this episode Chantal; […]


 This week we chat to Nicole Bijlsma from Building Biology about mould and all things healthy homes. In this episode we: Challenge […]

Big Books

This week we have a conversation around big books, think reference books, text books, recipe books, encyclopaedias, dictionary etc. In this episode we: […]

House Guests

This week we chat about house guests whether they stay for one night or one year! In this episode we: Challenge you to […]

The Holding Zone

This week we get passionate about the holding zone! The what? So you have started decluttering and you want to move your things […]

Junk Room

This week we get very passionate about Junk Rooms! This episode is filled with #truthbombs and #micdrops, like “Rooms without a purpose look […]

Can I Declutter Too Much?

This week we answer a question we were asked by Jarred, can you declutter too much? Our answer is no, but perhaps yes! […]


This week we chat about memorabilia (think: newspapers, magazine, ticket stubs, autograph books, order of services from weddings/funeral/christenings, play booklets, brochures from tourist […]

Musical Instruments & Equipment

This week we chat about musical instruments and equipment with our Sound engineer Jarred Doueal! We chat about what instruments all of us […]

Hidden Clutter

This week we chat about Hidden Clutter! The fruit bowl, front of the fridge, on top of the fridge, the junk drawer and […]

Moving House

Our most requested topic is finally here – MOVING HOUSE! So whether you’ve got a move planned or you’d just like to hear […]

Sentimental Items

This week we chat about Sentimental Items! In this episode, we acknowledge the different generations and their different philosophies underpinning their mindset towards things. […]

Crafts & Hobbies

Do you have a craft or hobby that you love? Do you have a craft or hobby that has been sitting untouched for […]

Living Room

Is the clutter in your living room driving you nuts? How is the functionality of your living space? How many living spaces do […]

Books and Magazines

Do you LOVE books? Do you dread listening to this episode because you think we are going to tell you to get rid of […]


Do you have a gift cupboard or box? Are you like Amy who buys gifts in bulk? Or are you more like Kirsty and […]

Linen Cupboard

Ever given much thought to the state of your linen cupboard? This hilarious episode will have you laughing along with Kirsty & Amy […]


Where do you dump your keys, wallet and handbag when you come home after a day out? Do you have somewhere to hang […]

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