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Swedish Death Cleaning

Join me as I unpack the newest and greatest decluttering show on TV… The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning!! If you’re in […]


Memories. Does the Maroon 5 song come to mind? Memories play a more significant role in decluttering and organising than we often recognise. […]

Renovating and Building

When you’re planning to renovate or build a new house, how you tackle decluttering before you begin is critical to reducing the clutter […]

Broad vs Narrow

When you’re thinking about tackling an area in your home to declutter, you can use a broad or narrow approach (or a combination […]

Logical Organising

How do you decide where items should live in your home? Do you put things where you think everyone else would put them? […]

Themed Decluttering

When my kids were little we had a zoo membership and used to try to visit every few weeks. The challenge was the […]

Bigger Living Smaller Space

If you’ve ever looked around your house and thought, “if only our house was a bit bigger or the storage was better, that […]

Lunch Boxes

Did you like me, put yourself under enormous pressure to find the ‘perfect’ lunch box for your kids when they first started school? […]

Drink Bottles

If you had to take a guess at home many drink bottles were rattling around your house, how many would you guess? 10? […]

Setting Up a New House

Setting up a new house can be fun, exciting and the possibilities feel endless. But it can also be a little overwhelming, especially […]

Top Tips for Downsizing

Moving to a smaller home can be stressful especially when you’ve collected a lifetime of memories and belongings. Today we are revisiting our […]

Estate Planning

**Trigger warning – things mentioned briefly in today’s episode such as domestic violence, divorce, separation and death may be triggering for some listeners** […]

Inherited Clutter

 **trigger warning** – things mentioned into day’s episode such as death, road accidents and divorce may be triggering for some listeners** And […]

Sea Change

Meet Owen. Owen is an avid Art of Decluttering podcast listener and just happens to be one our oldest friends. Owen is a […]

Apartment Living

Yay another guest interview and this time it’s another one of our amazing staff members!! Here’s Marion! Marion is part of our team […]


Tossing up whether to do a reno or sell your house can feel overwhelming. This week we are posing loads of questions to […]

Decluttering with Older Adults

Time for another get to know our staff episode!! Today meet Trudi. We have both known Trudi for a loooooong time and love […]

Deceased Estates

*trigger warning – today we cover topics such as death, wills and all that goes with losing a loved one. We have used […]

Moving Overseas

Most of you would know by now just how much we love, love, love are amazing staff members. Well today we have a […]

Rural Decluttering

Happy Podcast Monday (or Sunday if you live in above the equator!) We have a special guest interview today! Joining us is one […]

Downsizing into Freedom

This week we chat to Belinda and glean her wisdom of someone who has done our Head, Heart and Home course as well […]

Your Forever Home

This week we chat to the incredible Frances Cosway from White Pebbles Interior about designing and creating clever and functional spaces in our […]


 This week we chat about downsizing and how anyone can downsize if they want! In this episode we; Talk about the different […]

Tiny Living with Sarah Taylor

 This week we chat to the inspirational Sarah Taylor about tiny, off-grid, intentional living. In this episode Sarah; ● Shares her journey […]


 This week we have a conversation about what to do when you’ve been given things you just don’t love or have space […]

Share Houses

This week we chat all about living in share houses! We chat about the challenge of only having that one room to store […]

Moving House

Our most requested topic is finally here – MOVING HOUSE! So whether you’ve got a move planned or you’d just like to hear […]

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