Hello, I'm Anne-Marie

Hi, I am Jen and I am a Professional Organiser at the Art of Decluttering. 

I have a background of many years in hospitality where I enjoyed hosting and serving people from all walks of life.

I am not a ‘naturally’ organised person. It has taken me while to go from having too much stuff to just the right amount and to put systems in place that work for my family and my home. This insight helps me be patient and non-judgmental as I walk people from a place of overwhelm to a place of calm as we declutter and create functional spaces together. It is a privilege to see that not only is the space transformed but so are the people, they feel lighter and feel more in control of their lives once again. 

My favourite room to declutter and organise is the kitchen. It is such a vital and well-used room of the house so if it is not working, everybody suffers. If we can make it more functional, it reduces daily stress points for families and improves how the whole home operates.

When I’m not decluttering you will find me hiking a nature trail, baking a scrumptious cake, playing board games with my husband and teenage girls or relaxing in my favourite chair with a good book.

I would love to help you gain a fresh start in your life by helping you declutter and organise your space.

Jen x

Client Feedback for Anne-Marie

Very Worthwhile

I just spoke with our shared client regarding the service yesterday- she was very pleased and said that it was fantastic and very worthwhile.
Thanks to you and your staff for their support for this family.

Michelle P - Box Hill

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