Hello, I'm Ashlee

Hi, I’m Ashlee. I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Sydney clients.

My background is 10 years in childcare and nannying so I have boundless patience and ideas to solve any decluttering or organising problem. I really enjoy organising spaces for children as I’ve gained so much experience in doing it throughout the years. Give me a box of Lego and I’ll be happy sorting them into colours for hours!

I love organising any space but I especially enjoy organising kitchens and I am always practising at home. The other thing I am fond of is organising spaces to be aesthetically pleasing and functional and using what’s available to make it work.

I love to help clients be able to see their belongings, and to know where to find important things. I have loved working with our NDIS clients too, and love to see the change and joy that comes from our sessions.

When I am not helping our clients, I love spending time with my husband and our friends, bush walks, jogging, cooking and the occasional trip to visit my family on the mid north coast.

Ashlee x

Client Feedback for Ashlee

Ash is personable, keen, understanding, and works quickly

Ash is personable, keen, understanding, and works quickly. She's invaluable when she also sweeps and tidies up and very much aware of not leaving things in a mess which shows her understanding of the situation. She is friendly and bubbly and is both gentle and aware of the need to clear the bags when they build up. She was so easy to get on with. We found our stride quickly, and due to this, I found it so much easier to get through things. She was very aware of my anxiety and having breaks as needed.

Debe T - Busby

one of the most productive days

With a week to go to my open home, Kirsty and Ashlee arrived on my doorstep for a big day of decluttering. We worked solidly through the day to identify what was going out, what was being kept etc. it was one of the most productive days of getting everything organised. Not only did they help me declutter but also pack what I was keeping so it was ready for my next move.
I would highly recommended The Art of Decluttering whether it’s for a one-off job like wardrobe decluttering or doing the whole house.

Pauline C - North Kellyville

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