Hello, I'm Emily

Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Melbourne clients.

My background is 10 years in childcare and I enjoy keeping spaces organised and teaching children how to tidy up and look after their spaces.

I really love the whole process of decluttering and organising. I love the mindset work, the physical work and seeing the breakthrough clients have as they experience their newly organised and decluttered home.

When I’m not organising you will find me making cherished memories with my daughter Brooklyn, creating dinosaur islands, birds nests , jungles and making forts. I also love spending time with my family playing boards games and cards.

If you’re ready to work together I’d love to help.

Emily x

Client Feedback for Emily

A highlight of my whole life!!

Having Jacqui and Emily help me declutter my home has been one of the highlights of my whole life!! I can't believe that after just 2 sessions I'm thinking more clearly, I'm happier, less stressed and excited again about my future.

Cristina N - Blackburn North

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