Hello, I'm Fiona

Hi I’m Fiona, I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Melbourne clients.

My background is varied and quite diverse but for over twenty five years I was a music teacher working with children of all ages. My passion is helping kids and their families find the joy in being organised and discovering the freedom that comes from simple and decluttered homes. I also love helping kids take responsibility for their space and belongings…and having fun in the process.

I see a lot of NDIS clients, both adults and kids, and am passionate about helping everyone no matter their circumstances to live a life of freedom. I also enjoy creating beautiful spaces for others…sometimes all it takes is a new pair of eyes to help transform your home.

As well as working for The Art of Decluttering, I am an author and coach and love helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

I look forward to working with you to help you fulfil the vision you have for your home and live a life free of clutter and the chaos it can bring.

Fi x

Client Feedback for Fiona

Fiona has been amazingly understanding and gentle

Fiona is amazing. I have always, with an arts creative sewing background, never managed to get things sorted the way I’d like. Gradually over the years moving into smaller and smaller places.
My treasures and possessions are very special to me.
For the first time in my life I am able to let go of what I can easily see now is not essential in my life and my treasures are beginning to emerge from dark corners and boxes and the clutter is going.
Fiona has been amazingly understanding and gentle in what will be a lengthy process.
Fiona has helped me process a lot changes at my own pace and she is incredibly understanding and helpful. She explained that it would be an emotional journey not just a tidy up. It has been so far just that but with Fiona’s amazing abilities to help me focus on the important things I am finding real “joy” in letting go of so much unnecessary stuff.
And Yes. I have Marie Kondo’s book but was never really able to put it into perspective.
Fiona has helped me do this and I look forward to our next session with eager anticipation.
100 Gold Stars to Fiona and The Art of Decluttering

Marion M, Lilydale

I was extremely grateful for the help

I just wanted to thank you for the decluttering service, I was extremely grateful for the help. I can not tell you how happy I was with the friendly caring and supportive help Fiona and Trudi were. They did a marvellous job and at not one stage did I feel uncomfortable. They are keepers and do a great job.
I feel rejuvenated having my house free of all my clutter and my space back. I'm a new person. Thank you.

Timothy M, Forest Hill

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