Hello, I'm Freya

Hi, I’m Freya. I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Melbourne clients.

I have had several different roles through my life already, which include currently working as a kinder educator for 4 year olds, and working for a disability sport organisation. I love working with children, and find that every day I further develop my listening skills! Children are so adaptable, and I love helping them to learn new habits, and ways to make their life simpler.

Working with people with a disability has opened up my eyes to ways that support can be given, and I really love working with clients who need extra support to achieve their personal goals. I have experience working with people with physical and psycho-social disabilities.

The vulnerability that comes with asking for help, I can find that process hard to navigate sometimes too. It shows real determination and strength to put yourself out there, and I am ready to help you! If you’re ready, I’ll support you all the way.

On weekends I’m out and about with my family, and spending time at the beach, or a national park, and usually with a bike or a ball!

I really love supporting people to achieve their goals, with absolutely no judgement. I love organising spaces so you can use them easily, and enjoy your home!

I’m excited to meet you and partner with you on your personal declutter journey, so reach out if you’re ready to work together.

Freya x

Client Feedback for Freya

Massive inroads

Can I say that we’re making massive inroads here at my place with Freya's assistance. I tell everyone that the service you guys provide is invaluable. Thank you.

Alison C - Williams Landing

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