Hello, I'm Gen

Hi, I’m Gen.

I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Melbourne clients.

I have a background in disability work and understand the unique support needs and challenges of decluttering and organising when living with differing abilities. Mental illness, generally as well as anxiety and personality disorders specifically, are areas of experience and interest to me.

I’m passionate about helping identify the hurdles to achieving goals and creating an environment to conquer them and thrive in. I enjoy working on paperwork/offices, bathrooms and bedrooms. Most of all, I enjoy identifying specific systems that create ease in transitions such as planning and prepping.

I come to you with my organiser hat on, with the intent that, with some discussion and active leaps, you feel equipped and confident in creating and maintaining your dream spaces, and wearing your own organising hat proudly.

Outside of work, you can find me mountain bike riding, hiking in the hills, writing my book, op shopping, or in my garden creating a food forest. I like to live a productive and full life, and investing in simple strategies and utilising effective systems every day assists me in creating the life I love to live.

 I’m looking forward to starting this process with you.

Gen x

Client Feedback for Gen

a huge relief

Gen was absolutely amazing. Got so much done and it's a huge relief to be rid of so much clutter.

Sheree M - Leongatha

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