Hello, I'm Kirsty

Hi, I’m Kirsty. I’m a co-owner here at The Art of Decluttering and I love empowering our team to help you, our community find freedom from clutter.

I’ve been a Professional Organiser since 2012 and before professional organising, I was an accountant and working in financial planning.

I used to be a red-hot mess, my boyfriend and now husband, Simon, would to come in and tidy up my room when I lived at home! My room was untidy and some things took weeks to make it back into their ‘homes’. My family of origin put much more emphasis on creating a welcoming and loving space for others to be invited into than making sure every room was free from clutter. It was getting married and having to share spaces with my complete opposite, in my husband, that encouraged me to work on my habit of procrastinating and keeping a decluttered and organised home.

When I was starting to think about heading back to work after having my two children I discovered Professional Organising as a career.  I thought I could offer clients an empathetic approach as I absolutely knew what it felt like to walk in their shoes. I also knew that if I could change then anyone can change!!

After 9 years of working with clients and seeing amazing transformations in their heads, hearts and home, you will now find me mostly working at HQ, heading up the Finance and HR side of our business.

On the weekends you will find me on my Stand Up Paddleboard on the lakes and rivers around Sydney, reading novels, watching my son play cricket or AFL, baking with my daughter and drinking wine with my hubby and friends.

Kirsty x

Client Feedback for Kirsty

Kind, professional and supportive

Kirsty and Jen were fantastic, helping me to declutter part of my kitchen and dining areas. They are so kind, professional and supportive. Thank you!!!

Lee-Anne B - Blaxland

one of the most productive days

With a week to go to my open home, Kirsty and Ashlee arrived on my doorstep for a big day of decluttering. We worked solidly through the day to identify what was going out, what was being kept etc. it was one of the most productive days of getting everything organised. Not only did they help me declutter but also pack what I was keeping so it was ready for my next move.
I would highly recommended The Art of Decluttering whether it’s for a one-off job like wardrobe decluttering or doing the whole house.

Pauline C - North Kellyville

Kirsty has been so encouraging

Kirsty has been so encouraging in my decluttering journey ! Looking forward to working with Kirsty and the team long term!

Rebecca A - Glen Huntly

You will love the results

Thanks Kirsty for helping me get organised in my kitchen. It has been stressing me out for ages. NOw it works so well and amazingly is easier to keep tidy.
Kirsty is supportive, non judgemental and so very very helpful. If you need a space organised in your house but the thought of it overwhelms you, get Kirsty in!

Ali V

Blown away by the change in just one day

I have been feeling completely overwhelmed in all sorts of areas of my life for quite some time. I had one particular room that I just had to leave the door shut. Kirsty came and in little over 4 hours we totally decluttered that space. She kept me on task when I was prone to be side tracked. Right now I can breathe and relax in what has been achieved. This result makes me realise it is possible!

Elena LS

Kirst is fantastic!

I can't speak highly enough about Kirsty. We used her to help us plan and sort out our house for an upcoming international move. She was so caring and understanding and really helped a clutter bug like me make a great start on clearing our house for the big move.

Kristy R

Nothing short of amazing!

So Kirsty came and helped with sorting out our garage and it was nothing short of amazing! Not an easy task considering my husband finds it hard to let go of stuff. Now we have a clean and spacious garage that we can even set up a little workout space. So happy with the service and am already planning on getting her back to help with other projects.

Kylie S

Like an angel sent from above

Thanks to Kirsty's advice, I now know how to tackle things as soon as they enter through my door! I feel so much more energised to keep things on track. I can't thank you enough!

Marie N

Working with Kirsty has honestly changed my life

I've struggled for years to get my house sorted out and in just 2 visits I feel like I've finally started to achieve what I always failed to do myself. Her approach is fair but firm and she is very understanding. It's been challenging but it's also been a lot of fun too.

Megan C

I feel like a new woman

I run my own business from home and I was getting so bogged down with the little things and not knowing where to start that nothing was getting done well. Just half a day with Kirsty and I feel like a new woman, with new purpose and I am staying on top of all the jobs that were weighing me down. They now seem so insignificant because I am tackling them as soon as I think about it. I can not thank Kirsty enough, she is incredible. Will definitely be getting her back to tackle the rest of the house.

Nat K

My stress levels have plummeted

Thank you Kirsty for today, literally my stress levels have plummeted which I definitely needed being just a couple of weeks away from bub no. 2's arrival! I couldn't have tackled it without your help, and thank you for asking all the right questions to help us declutter. So much space now!

Stephanie P

Absofrigginlutely AMAZING

Watch out for this one... she gets in your head! You'll be going to buy something or put something where it doesn't belong or leave it till later and you'll be thinking WWKD... What Would Kirsty Do? Absofrigginlutely AMAZING declutterer and organiser, she helped me change my mindset. We also enjoyed a lot of laughs.

Silvana L

My kitchen is so much easier to clean and maintain

It was lovely to declutter my home ready for sale with Kirsty. She wouldn't let me avoid nameless piles of paper and I love the results. My kitchen is so much easier to clean and maintain. Thanks Kirsty.

Rebecca A

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