Hello, I'm Kirsty

Hi, I’m Kirsty, I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Sydney clients.

I bring my deep love of problem solving and creativity to my clients spaces, I have always been a natural organiser and love the freedom, time and headspace being clutter-free brings. My background is in Marketing and I have a deep knowledge of consumer behaviour, which definitely lends itself to being a professional organiser and understanding the attachments we can have to our belongings.

I love travel and working with children, both open the mind to different possibilities and help me view the world in ways previously unseen. I am also a keen renovator, crafter and hands-on type of gal, and love helping fix things around our clients homes.

Some of my favourite areas to declutter are kitchens, wardrobes, office and play spaces. I find these particular areas inspiring because a lot of the time they are dual purpose and, with a bit of clever thinking, can be used in ways never thought of before.

I am truly passionate about helping clients transform their spaces and creating peace in both their homes and their minds!

Kirsty x

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