Hello, I'm Kristy

Hello, I’m Kristy and I am a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering, working with clients in the Gippsland region. 

My family is my biggest joy in life, 3 busy boys keep us on our toes, and we are always busy with family, and having an organised space has always made life calmer, and easy to keep on track. The overwhelm of clutter has been removed from our house, and I would love to see other families enjoy the freedom we do!

I have been a kindergarten teacher for 15 years and have seen the impact that calm, organised, inviting play spaces can effect children’s response and behaviour in those areas. We watch as the children gain a sense of independence and ownership of play spaces, knowing how to look after their belongings, putting them away and keeping areas tidy when finished for others to enjoy. It’s a life skill we develop from early on. I am keen to support families begin this journey and discover the benefits that having a place for everything can bring! 

I love opening a drawer or cupboard and seeing everything together, like with like using a variety of storage options in our clients houses, and seeing how being organised makes life easier for everyone in the home. Freedom to be and do what makes us happy is the ultimate joy, and I look forward to working with clients achieve their dreams moving forward. 

My spare time involves heading off the in the caravan to find the next adventure, cooking over fire and discovering new plants and vegetables to grow in our new gardens. Joining the boys in their sporting events, and helping in the community where we can. I love dropping off donations to our local op shops knowing that the items donated is also money being fed back to the local community through their grants program, supporting the local clubs to expand and develop their facilities for the wider community. 

Kristy x

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