Hello, I'm Mona

Hi, I’m Mona. I’m a Professional Organiser at The Art Of Decluttering and I work with our Sydney clients. I’m married and a mum to 3 lovely boys.

I believe no matter how chaotic and messy a space is, an open mind, a positive attitude, creativity and a little bit of fun can fully transform a space to a happier state. I find delight and feel honoured to help others restore peace and harmony in their heads, hearts and homes.

I’m a detail-oriented and crafty person. I love creating pretty things of any kind, and that includes beautiful spaces. I love cooking and baking, so organising kitchens and pantries to function efficiently is exciting for me. Craft rooms, home offices, playrooms and wardrobes are some of my other favourite spaces to work in.

I also love working with children, listen to their ideas and help them achieve their goals. I have experience first hand of working with people with disability, as one of my sons has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. I understand the challenges, struggles and support needed and how to solve problems around it.

Outside work, you will find me do one of these things, snuggling up with my boys, calligraphy, playing MasterChef in my kitchen, gardening, designing  jewellery, art or crafting or in dojo doing karate with my boys.

I look forward to meeting you and partnering with you to create a home that is functional, manageable, pleasing to the eyes and most importantly a home you love living in.

Mona x

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