Hello, I'm Sarah

Hi I’m Sarah and I work in our Melbourne team.

My passion has always been with helping others and connecting with people. My background in hospitality and social work first allowed me to meet all kinds of people from different walks of life and give back to others. That’s why I love The Art of Decluttering! I now get to combine my love for organisation with my passion for helping people.

I find joy in being able to see potential in homes and bring peace to those who live there through decluttering. I adore creating a judgement free zone where we are able to communicate with one another to achieve your vision. I will help you create a space that is accessible and manageable. Whether it be in the lounge, office, or my personal favourite – the kitchen. I find a thrill in seeing those before and after photos of our amazing jobs!

Outside of work I’m pursuing a career in the film industry! In my spare time you’ll find me surrounded by loved ones, at the beach or cooking up a storm.

When you’re ready, I’m eager to meet you and begin this amazing journey together to declutter your home!

Sarah x

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