Staff Spotlight – Downsizing into Freedom

This year (again) we wanted to practice what we preach for this busy season. So just for now we are pressing pause on creating new podcast material and enjoying some white space in our lead up to Christmas 2020. But because we love you all so much we didn’t want to leave you without exciting episodes to listen to! So…this December we are so excited to bring you our special Christmas series highlighting our amazing staff members! Earlier in the year we chatted with these incredible ladies and loved it so much we are bringing the episodes to you again! Over the coming weeks you’ll be hearing from Jac, Carly, & Belinda. These beautiful women service our Melbourne and Sydney clients so listen closely as you may here a familiar voice or two! Tune in and get to know them as they share parts of their stories, declutter journeys and how they connected with us at The Art of Decluttering.

Finishing off the series this week is Belinda. Since recording this episode back in July, Belinda has come on board as our Admin Guru in Head office as well as a PO joining Kirsty servicing our Sydney clients. At the time of recording she had been a participate of our Head Heart and Home course and a client of Kirsty’s. Tune in to hear more about her experiences with both of these things and find out how her decluttering took the whole family on a journey to set them up for the future. She is full of wisdom and love and we are so grateful for her!

Also if you are wanting some tips and tricks for the Christmas season have a listen to our original Christmas Series we recorded back in 2017. There are 5 episodes covering all things Christmas!! Make sure you check out the shownotes below for the links to all 5 episodes.

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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