Hello, I'm Teneale

Hello! I’m Teneale, a Professional Organiser at The Art of Decluttering working with our Sydney clients. My background as an early childhood and primary teacher for over 15 years has led me to turn my love of organising a classroom and children, into helping our clients in their homes. 

Having experience working with children with disabilities and their families, means I now enjoy working with our NDIS participants to create systems and habits that promote a calmer, less stressful environment that’s free of clutter.  

I have two young children myself and know the challenges families can face when trying to manage all the “stuff”. I have a passion for decluttering, organising, and maintaining children’s play spaces and bedrooms so they can enjoy their things without the overwhelm. 

When I’m not decluttering, you’ll find me with a coffee in hand hanging out with my husband and girls; reading a book; binging my latest tv show; or doing an early morning workout! 

I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you find freedom from the clutter so you can spend your time doing the things you love! 

Teneale x

Client Feedback for Teneale

Thank you!

Thank you - Teneale is really wonderful!

Catherine L - Roseville

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