119 | Recycling Holding Zone

This week we chat to one of our beautiful listener Sylvia about all the things you can recycle and how you can repurpose things before they go to landfill or recycling plant.

In this episode we:

● Challenge you practice reusing things at least once more before it gets recycled;

● Encourage you have grace for yourself as you are learning about how to recycle more and more things;

● Give you some tips for where you can recycle things to;

● And so much more…

We hope the conversation inspires you to make a small change and puts a smile on your face!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Envision Hands – recycling bottle tops

Officeworks – recycling services

Ikea – recycling services

Aldi – recycling services

● Terracycle – so many helpful initiatives (they are global too!)

Recycling Near You – so many useful resources of where you can recycle things

War on Waste – fantastic TV series

Sheridan – linen recycling program

Return & Earn – NSW container deposit scheme

Container Deposit Scheme – for QLD

Container Deposit Scheme – ACT

Container Deposit Scheme – SA

Container Deposit Scheme – NT

Big Group Hug

● Good Karma Network

Reverse Art Truck

Share Waste App

Woman Against Waste Episode

Death Episode

Grace & Freedom Episode

Listener Survey

● Thank you April1984 for the Apple podcast review and again Sylvia for the topic idea and for coming in to share your passion and knowledge

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