ADHD Series: Occupational Therapy, Strategies and Tools

Tricia Lerk is the Director and Occupational Therapist from Planted Parenting. Trish shares her wealth of experience in working with kids with ADHD and we chat about tools and strategies to help with decluttering and being organised.

I didn’t know until after I invited Trish to join me on the podcast, that she too has been diagnosed with ADHD so this episode is a perfect blend of us sharing our common experience, as well as the professional experiences we have as practitioners working with ADHD clients.

Discover some great tools you can utilise to help with executive function, from the benefit of lists, how to work with our dopamine levels, and breaking up tasks to reduce overwhelm.

Another ADHD/ Decluttering/ Organising episode that will have you thinking of ways you too can create the life you want.

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