ADHD Series: PS from Jodie

In true ADHD style, this week we’ll be dropping mini episodes into your feed of things our guests forgot to say in their main episode!!

Today Jodie shares her ADHD hacks in a few areas:

Meal prep – what she prepares in bulk ahead of time and how she does meal prep over time rather than when it’s the push to get dinner ready

Pantry organisation – how Jodie has changed the way she organises her pantry from categories like the supermarket, to keeping items that are used together, together. Instead of tins of tomato with tins of corn, the tinned tomato lives with the pasta and lentils because they’re used together.

Managing the never ending cycle of washing and dishes – how doing something is better than nothing.

Intentional duplicates – when duplicates aren’t clutter, but make life easier. This one will give you the freedom to think how your family works and organising to set you up for success.

Another ADHD/ Decluttering/ Organising episode that will have you thinking of ways you too can create the life you want.

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