ADHD Series: Understanding ADHD with Psychologist Joanna Bailey

By popular request this week we are diving into our ADHD series where we talk to ADHDers, Professionals who work with ADHDers and explore the relationship between decluttering, organising and ADHD.

Our first episode in this series is with Joanna Bailey from Bluebird Psychology who helps us define ADHD and how executive functioning can impact our journey to a clutter-free and simplified lifestyle. Today’s episode is brilliant as a foundation for the rest of this series, learn with us what ADHD is and how it presents in different people.

Whether you are living with ADHD or don’t know anyone with ADHD I know this episode is going to have ah-ha moments for you with tips and hacks for decluttering, understanding shame, learning about neurodiversity and seeing decluttering and organising through a different lens.

Find out more about ADHD:

Bluebird Psychology Resources

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