Best of Guests – Courtney Carver

Every December we take a little break from recording and bring you some of our favourite episodes to listen to. For the next few Mondays we will be bringing you our favourite famous guest episodes!

Up this week we have the fabulous Courtney Carver!!

You may have heard of Courtney, either from her blog Be More With Less, or her Project 333 and if you haven’t – you’re about to!!  Courtney shared with us some great wisdom around getting curious and advice on shifting our self talk to be more positive, along with a few details about her decluttering journey. We know that you are all going to love today’s episode as much as we did recording it (we could have chatted for ages!!).

In this episode we:

● Learn a little bit about Courtney and how she was inspired to start her blog;

● Find out why Courtney now makes decisions more quickly and with greater clarity;

● Highlight why Courtney loves experiments and how she loves to get curious;

● Challenge you to shift your self talk to be more positive;

● Encourage you to check out all of Courtney’s resources;

● Share a bit about social media and it’s impact on our lives;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Be More With Less Blog

Books & Courses

● Soul & Wit Podcast

Project 333

● Courtney’s Instagram

● Courtney’s Facebook

Byron Katie

Brooke McAlary

A massive thank you to Courtney for making time to chat with us! It has been such an honour to spend time with you.

Thanks to Bel for the Review!

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