Binary Decisions

Today’s episode is a good one!! We bring you a concept that you can use as a tool to help make the decluttering process that little bit easier. Breaking things down into binary decisions is a great way to take a step back when things get hard or overwhelming and make it plain and simple to get you back into your decluttering groove. Sometimes reducing the options to yes/no black/white type decisions can help you to refocus your energy in the midst of trickiness or when you can’t see the forest for the trees. Enjoy our conversation today as we share loads tips and advice for you. Come over to our Facebook community and let us know your experiences with using binary decisions to help you achieve your goals in all areas not just decluttering.

In this episode we:

  • Define and discuss what we mean by binary decisions;
  • Share how to use this concept as a tool to help simplify the decluttering process;
  • Highlight yet again our differences!;
  • Encourage you at every point to split your decisions down into binary ones;
  • Challenge you to use Amy’s fav decision making tool when you get really stuck making decisions;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Paperwork Course

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  • Renee Thompson says:

    Great idea about tossing a coin if you’re not sure… after my second child was born, my husband wanted to stop having kids but I thought maybe I wanted a third. Well pretty soon I thought I might be pregnant, and while I was waiting for the test to finish, I just cried and prayed it was negative — I did not want another one! In that very short interval of time, wow did my real desire come out!! An extreme example, but it really made my own feelings clear to me. (It was negative btw, and we thankfully stopped at two.)

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