Care by Brooke McAlary

She’s baaaack! Yes lovely listeners, the fabulous Brooke McAlary is with us today! It’s been way to long since we have caught up with Brooke so make sure you tune in today as we check in and see the McAlary clan have been up to AND hear all about her latest book ‘Çare’. Of course there will be much fan girling and giggles – so what are you waiting for?! Grab that cuppa or pop on those sneakers and get listening! Oh and don’t to buy Brooke’s book – we’d love you to come share in our FB community if and when you do.

In this episode we;

● Catch up on what Brooke has been up to since we last spoke;

● Remind you who Brooke is for those who may not have heard form her before;

● Ask Brooke to share how writing ‘Çare’ came about;

● Highlight the importance of down time and it’s impact with and without it;

● Dig into rest and what it truly means and looks like;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and puts a smile on your face!

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Thank you so much Brooke for your time!! We absolutely adore spending time with you, thank you for coming on our podcast (again!) and sharing so much gold with all our listener.

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