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This week we chat to another one of Kirsty’s clients, Lois North! Lois is a wife, mum of 4 adult kids, cleaner and previous home-schooler among many other roles and talents she has. She is a wealth of wisdom and inspiration to us and we know you will be inspired by her too.

In this episode Lois;

  • Shares how she found The Art of Decluttering;
  • Hear what her experience with working with Kirsty was actually like for her;
  • Challenges you to invest in decluttering so as to save you money on a cleaner;
  • Encourages homeschooler to be intentional about what they invest their time and money on for their children’s learning

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

This Organized Life podcast episode that Lois first heard about The Art of Decluttering

Thank you Lois for giving us your time to be on our podcast! Thank you also to Kerry Hogan-Ross for all your shout outs on Chatters FB page!

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