Cleaning Products

This week we chat about cleaning products! You’ll find them in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and garage/sheds. We talk about what cleaning products we use and how we store them. We talk about moving towards a low/no tox life and how we both really want to learn more about this topic. Kirsty raves about DoTerra Essential Oils and we chat about chemical free cleaning. We encourage you to go shopping in your own home before you head to the shops or before you buy that cleaning product that is on sale. As always we hope you have a giggle with us and enjoy the conversation!

Thanks also to Jo Cassidy-Chronis for the episode request.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Disposal of Household Chemicals –

Australia wide – https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/

NSW – https://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/your-environment/recycling-and-reuse/household-recycling-overview/household-chemical-cleanout

QLD – https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/pollution/disposal

SA – http://www.greenindustries.sa.gov.au/hazwaste


WA – http://www.wasteauthority.wa.gov.au/programs/funded-programs/household-hazardous-waste/

NT – https://www.darwin.nt.gov.au/live/waste-recycling/household-waste/other-household-waste

Low-Tox Cleaning

Low Tox Life Podcast https://www.lowtoxlife.com/podcast/

7 Easy Home Made Cleaning Product https://www.lowtoxlife.com/keep-your-cleaning-toxin-free-with-these-7-easy-home-made-cleaning-products/

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