Cords & Cables

This week we have a conversation around decluttering and organising your cords and cables!

In this episode we:

  • Challenge you to stop procrastinating decluttering this area! If this area of your home typically belongs to someone else, ask them to listen with you;
  • Encourage you to label cords and cables when they come into your home to make it easier to locate them now and to declutter them when it is time to;
  • Give you some tips for how to organise them now and how to let go of them;
  • Get you to think about disposing of them in an environmentally friendly way;

Things mentioned in this episode:

DIY Photo Organising Podcast

Filing Fairies

Where to find replacement cords and cables:


Battery World


Ebay – just make sure they are a reputable seller and the voltage is correct

Some of the many places you can recycle e-waste:

Australia wide E-Waste drop off points

https://www.electronicrecyclingaustralia.com.au (Adelaide)

Mobile Phones

Recycling Near You

OfficeWorks Recycling Program

● Thank you Kerrie Dorman for the episode request and OneCandace from the US for your Apple Podcast review.

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Thank you to my sound engineer, Jarred from Four4ty Studio.

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