Deceased Estates

*trigger warning – today we cover topics such as death, wills and all that goes with losing a loved one. We have used humor in places to lighten the heaviness of the topic but we hope that we have done this in a way that still treats the subject matter with honour and sensitivity*

Today we bring you an episode tackling a bit of a heavy yet important topic. Dealing with a deceased estate and managing that whole process yourself can be super challenging and overwhelming, so we wanted to offer our expert advice, tips and suggestions for making it less so. We are so passionate about helping people with deceased estates and love that we can be a support and help to families during this season. We understand that every situation is unique so we have tried to cover a few different examples to give you an idea of how to manage and deal with it. Please don’t skip over this episode!! At some point it will be applicable in your life so we hope that you can learn something new and be better prepared for when the time may come. Make sure to join us in our Facebook community to continue the conversation.

In this episode we;

  • Explain what a deceased estate is;
  • Teach you a new word;
  • Strongly encourage you to enlist the help of professionals throughout the entire process;
  • Offer loads of suggestions and advice;
  • Highlight some hurdles and tricky spots that can pop up along the way;
  • Share some of our experiences of dealing with clients and deceased estates;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Podcast ‘What Happens When I Die’ – episode with Amy


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