Discovery of Less

Have you ever started doing something and then later found out there was a word for that very thing you were doing?! Well that is how today’s guest found out what minimalism was! Meet Chris Lovett: author, speaker and simplicity coach (how cool is that title!). One day Chris decided something in his life had to change, he wanted money to travel so looked around his home and decided to try selling a bunch of stuff to make that happen. Little did he know it was going to be the start of a journey into a simpler lifestyle for himself and his partner. Chris is also a longtime listener of The Art of Decluttering and has written a book that is due to come out really soon!! We had such a great time chatting with him that we know you will absolutely love this episode!

In this episode;

● Learn who Chris is and what he does;

● Find out how Chris discovered minimalism;

● Hear about his passion for sharing with others how to have a simpler work life;

● Chris highlights the importance of being authentic in relation to minimalism;

● Chris shares a few stories from his new book;

● And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and puts a smile on your face!

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Special thanks to marieescapesinbooks for your review!

A huge thank you to Chris for giving us your time! We loved having you on the podcast and wish you all the best with your upcoming book!

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