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*Trigger warning – this episode talks about sexual exploitation, human trafficking and the current coup in Myanmar – this episode is not suitable for children*

This week we have a bonus episode for you. We are giving you a much needed update on This is Eden – the organisation we as The Art of Decluttering support. Back in November we spoke with Michelle from the Australian Team of This is Eden (please go back and listen to that episode it was very eye opening and powerful!) and she shared with us about the amazing work they do in Myanmar. Not sure if you have seen the news lately but the current situation in Myanmar is pretty horrific, so Amy checked in with some of the team over the weekend so we could update you all on the situation.

We also wanted to say a massive thank you to all of YOU!! Every time you book a session with our staff, buy a book, listen to an ad on the podcast or even join one of our courses, money from every single way you support us goes straight to Eden. So thank you a million times over!!

In this episode we:

  • Share how much $$ we have already donated to Eden this financial year;
  • Update you on what’s been happening in Myanmar and the training centre there that we support;
  • Tell you all the ways that you are supporting Eden by supporting us;
  • Remind you that every time you listen to the podcast and hear an ad, or book a decluttering session or support us in anyway you are also supporting freeing women and girls from sexual slavery;
  • We hope from this update we all realise that we CAN do something to help in this seemingly helpless situation.

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

● This is Eden Website

Head, Heart & Home Course

Paperwork Course

Decluttering Sessions

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