Estate Planning

**Trigger warning – things mentioned briefly in today’s episode such as domestic violence, divorce, separation and death may be triggering for some listeners**

When we received a request from one of our listeners (thanks Owen! – go check out his episode ‘Sea Change‘ from earlier this year) to do an episode on estate planning, we knew just who to turn to!

Anna Hacker is the National Manager of Estate Planning for Australian Unity and today we give her permission to take over the podcast and share her wealth of knowledge and experience about estate planning. Anna is passionate about making it easier for loved ones to find the important documents they need and for you to have your wishes for the future carried out in the way that you want.

There is so much packed into this episode, so grab a pen and paper as you take it all in.

In this episode we;

● Discuss what estate planning is;

● Explain the roles of wills and power of attorney;

● Give examples of documents and how to organise them;

● Emphasise that documents need to be easily found and share tips of how to achieve that;

● Highlight the importance of getting legal advice;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

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Thank you so much to Anna for sharing your time and expertise with us!!

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