FOTO: Fear Of Throwing Out

Do you have FOTO? Fear of Throwing Out… it’s a real thing!

How many digital storage devices/ old tech do you have in your home purely because you are not sure if there are important documents/ photos on them?

Old laptop, old phone, old tablet that you totally don’t need (and maybe can’t even find the charger for)… make a decision today if it’s worth investing the time to recover those files, or if you need to bite the bullet and send your device to a recycling depot.

If you have memory cards/ CD’s/ camera storage cards, gather them together and make a plan.

Hot tip… you can take those digital devices to somewhere like Officeworks/ Staples/ Office Depot and use their kiosks to find out what photos are on your devices 🙂

Free yourself from the fear of throwing out… especially when it comes to digital storage!

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