Filling Your Bucket

Each of us has an invisible bucket and when others poke holes in our bucket, it’s important to have bucket fillers and hole pluggers in our lives. When our bucket is full, our overflow is encouragement, resilience, kind words, wise choices, enthusiasm, drive, purpose and freedom for ourselves and others.

When people around us speak harsh words, exclude us, spread rumours, lie, put us down, give labels or even just don’t understand us… a hole gets poked in our buckets

Freya, one of our team encouraged me this week when someone tried to poke holes in my bucket, that when we have the right people around us, they will plug our holes or when we have a full bucket we are more able to repel negativity around us. Her words, encouragement, and wisdom filled my bucket!!

All that to say that as Professional Organisers we aim to fill your bucket and help you identify where there might be holes and help you plug those pesky holes up as it relates to your freedom from clutter.

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