Fresh Eyes

Whether you’ve lived in your home for 4 months or 40 years, stepping back and seeing your home with fresh eyes will help you make decluttering decisions from a new perspective

Or have you ever decided to list your house for sale then all of a sudden started to see your home with fresh eyes? You may start to notice all the things you’ve happily lived with for years: the grout in the bathroom is dirty, the gutters need replacing and the concrete driveway is falling apart. It’s the reason so many people do up their house for sale then wish they could stay living there themselves – but you don’t have to move to start afresh, you can do some simple improvements instead. Begin by seeing your home with fresh eyes.

Use the principle of ‘fresh eyes’ to see things you’ve become so used to you don’t even notice. Is there a piece of furniture in your lounge room that is superfluous? Do you have items on your bench or countertop that just make it feel cluttered and could easily live in a cupboard? Maybe there are old photos or art you no longer love cluttering up the walls. Are there broken kids toys in the backyard or a washing line you don’t use? How can you use fresh eyes to create a home that you feel great in now, and not just one day when you prepare your house for sale.

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