Functional Spaces

Do you find yourself getting frustrated in your home? Maybe you have mobility issues and needing clear spaces is not just a nice idea but a necessity. In today’s podcast we tackle it all! Having functional spaces in our homes allow us to live better, have a better flow through our home and so much more! We share lots of ideas today to get you thinking about how you could switch up a few things in your home to bring you greater freedom and get your home serving you (and not the other way around!). Get ready to be inspired to create functional spaces in your home for you and your family.

In this episode we:

  • Discuss the importance of having functional spaces in the home;
  • Remind you NOT to put stuff down for later – Don’t put it down, put it AWAY!! ;
  • Highlight how important it is to consider how you and your family function in the home;
  • Encourage you to create the spaces you can be your best self in – not just what’s instagram worthy!;
  • Challenge you to break from societal norms and think differently about how you can use the spaces in your home;

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