Helping Others Declutter

Have you been asked to help a friend or family member declutter?

How did it go?

Did you wish you had a few extra tips up your sleeve?

Well today’s your lucky day!

Thanks to a request by our friend Owen Gray we share our thoughts and advice about helping others declutter, in particular how to offer help, what to expect and what are some of the big no no’s.

In light of the recent floods here in NSW and QLD we also spend a bit of time discussing tips for helping others after they have lost everything in a natural disaster.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode with all it’s jam packed advice and tips on how to honour and come along those around us on their unique decluttering journey.

In this episode we;

  • Suggest donating money rather than items can be more helpful in extreme circumstances like a natural disaster;
  • Emphasise ALWAYS being respectful of people’s stuff, trauma and feelings;
  • Share 6 things that can trigger people getting their back up when decluttering;
  • Highlight the importance on NEVER assuming we know what’s best for other people;
  • Empower you to empower others to make wise choices;

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